What a way to start the week!

Last week it was a tummy bug.  THIS week, not even three hours of being at school, I get a call from her daycare director letting me know that she had fallen or tripped outside on the playground and had hurt her wrist.  At the time the director called it had been about 10 minutes since the incident and she was still very upset and holding her wrist as tight as she could, not letting anyone there look at it.  I asked the director to give it about 10 more minutes and if she still was clinging to her wrist and not any better to give me a call.

20 minutes passed and I hadn’t heard anything yet so I called them, the director had just gone back to check on the Kiddo… she was still holding her wrist and whimpering.  Soooo… My husband drove me home so I could get my car and then he headed to the daycare to check her out of class while I moved the car seat from his car to mine in the parking lot.  He couldn’t leave work for the day so he drove back to work and I drove to the Kiddo’s doctor’s office.

Her doctor didn’t seem to think anything was broken, she let him handle her wrist and press on it with his fingers, and she didn’t cry.  But she refused to bend or twist her wrist.  He sent us to get xrays just in case, so we did that next.  She DID cry for that, since they had to turn her wrist a little bit to get certain angles, they only took three xrays.  One with her palm flat on the table, one with it at maybe 45 degree angle, and the hardest one to get was the 90 degree angle, or the “karate chop” position.  For that one she did cry.

Right now she’s napping, I hope she doesn’t toss and turn very much since I know that will probably wake her up and she needs the rest…  I’m supposed to hear back on the results of the xrays this afternoon, and then I am going to ask what we should do in the meantime even if it is just a sprain.  My guess is I’ll be working from home for at least one or two days depending on how quickly it heals itself, like I had to when she sprained her ankle falling out of bed.  I don’t think the daycare is going to want to worry about her reinjuring her wrist while she is under their care, even if she were to wear a sling of some type.

I just hope it is indeed not broken. I would rather she not have to wear a cast on it. 🙁

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