Two years gone by
January 25th, 2011 @ 2:37 pm

Wow, where have I been eh?

Not posting here, definitely.  Not posting on my thoughts blog, either.  It’s not for lack of stuff to talk about, just lack of motivation.

So, my daughter is five now.  We had her fifth birthday party over this past weekend, at a place called JumpStreet (trampolines, and a couple of bounce houses for the under 7 crowd). She had a blast.  Her gifts consisted of Zoobles, Littlest Petshop (always a favorite), ZhuZhu pets, and some other items.  Speaking of gifts.. I need to write up some thank you cards soon.

Anyway, she’s growing like a weed.  Nearly tall enough to ride every ride at Disneyland if she wanted.  I expect she’ll reach that height before her next birthday. :shock: She needs to slow down!  My baby is pretty much gone, and is becoming a spunky little girl. *sigh*

She’s doing really well in pre-K at her daycare.  She’s learning sight words – for instance:  like, look, you, too, me, the.  Words like those.  She knows how to write her name (pretty well by now), and almost knows her address.  We’ll probably work on the phone number in another week.  Gosh, by fall she’ll be in Kindergarten, if she doesn’t test into 1st grade instead!

Well that’s it for now, just a short update.  Can’t promise I’ll be posting any more frequently than I have been, and this is really just a post for myself anyway, I’ve been bad about keeping track of things regarding her and her growth, at least in my own words anyway.  Bad mommy! :oops:

Bye for now.

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