Thumb sucking

Way back when the Kiddo first found her thumbs, we thought, “hey, that’s great – now we won’t have to worry about her screaming if she loses her pacifier in the middle of the night.”

Now, at 31 months old, she still sucks her thumb. Enough that she has a callous on the thumb she favors the most. Enough that its starting to make her baby teeth protrude just a little bit. 🙁

From everything I have read, as long as she stops before her permanent teeth come in, her mouth should be fine. I sure hope so. So far breaking her of this habit has not proven to be easy. I don’t know how often she sucks her thumb at school, but at home if she is watching a movie or a tv show, her thumb is in her mouth almost constantly. I’m always having to tell her to take it out of her mouth.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can try to get her to stop? Or should we just let it go and hope she drops it on her own?

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  1. Jen (1 comments) said:

    Oh, I know how you feel. My daughter still sucks her thumb, and she is about to turn 5. Drives me crazy. I’m starting to worry too because she has already lost 2 baby teeth. I definitely foresee braces in the future. 🙁 We have tried everything, reward charts, just trying to remind her, saying she could only do it in her bed, the nasty tasting stuff, none of it worked. So now I just ignore it and hope it will go away. LOL!!

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