Countdown to Christmas
Posted on December 23rd, 2008 @ 7:15 am

Only a couple of days left – are you done shopping?

We are, with the exception of some sodas for the holiday party and a few other food items. But as of yesterday our gift shopping is complete, I had two things left to pick up and I was able to get those, one of which at a huge discount I was not expecting. Yay!

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Sleep, sleep, SLEEP!!
Posted on December 3rd, 2008 @ 9:03 pm

This is driving me crazy.  The Kiddo has yet to take her afternoon nap.  Usually she hits the pillow at around 12-1p.  This week I’ve been letting her have a movie play (usually Tinkerbell) very quietly on the imac while she naps.  Today I put in Cars, so I don’t know if it is partially because of that, or what… but by 4:15 and she STILL had not slept!

I told her at about one pm that if she did not go to sleep, I would take away the computer.  I ended up  having to do that at about 2pm.  She cried and cried for about 15 minutes, screaming for the computer.  NOPE. Not gonna happen.  I went in and told her if she didn’t take a nap, the computer would not be going back in her room later, either.  And it didn’t, because she never napped.  My husband got home at about 5:15 and she still hadn’t slept, so I gave up.

I suppose she is getting close to the age where kids start giving up naps altogether, but I am certainly not ready for that to happen yet.  Since her arm still hurts pretty badly today it looks like we’ll be home again tomorrow… I just hope she at least takes a nap and that today was an anomaly.  Maybe if I decide to let her use the iMac again for movies that I’ll make sure to put Tinkerbell in at naptime since she seems to sleep ok to that one.

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The Girl
Bedtime favorite
Posted on October 1st, 2008 @ 3:26 pm

One of my very favorite things that the Kiddo likes to do right now before she goes to bed at night, is to climb into my lap and be held “baby” style, while either I sing alone, or she sings with me – “Rock a-bye Baby”.  Currently, she likes to have me/us insert various names in place of “baby” – hers, mommy, daddy, her cousins, etc..

If I’m short on time, that is, if she’s going to bed later than planned, I’ll try to keep it limited to just one or two rounds.  But on nights when there is no hurry, we’ll sing as many versions as she can think up people’s names, and sometimes even starting over if she doesn’t grow bored with it.

I consider myself lucky she even wants to sit in my lap before bed anymore.  For the longest time, she’d want to sit with me until she got drowsy.  Then she went through a period where she wanted nothing to do with sitting with me, she’d just climb in bed, get her good-night kisses and tucked in, and go to sleep – much to my chagrine.  But now she’s into this rock a-bye baby thing, and frankly I am quite completely fine with that.  Before long she won’t want to do any of it anymore, so I will let her do this as long as she pleases., because I know it will tear me up when she doesn’t want it anymore.

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She feels better
Posted on August 31st, 2008 @ 8:18 am

I put her to bed with a fever, and this morning she doesn’t feel feverish at all.  The first thing she asked for was milk – but she is getting pedialyte instead – and to play Elmo on the computer.  We have this Sesame Street game for 1-3.5 year olds, and that is what she is currently playing.

I’m glad she’s feeling better, but we’re still going to stay home from her uncle’s barbeque, and swimming.  She doesn’t even know there were plans to do that since we were only invited yesterday and we haven’t spoken openly about it around her, which is for the best, since she loves swimming and loves going to her cousins’ house.  Oh well, she won’t even know what she is missing.

Dang I’m tired though. We stayed up watching “The Invasion” and just as we went to bed, she started stirring in her sleep, coughing and crying, so I had to stay up a little longer to make sure she wasn’t going to be sick or something.  She was just restless.  But then I had trouble falling asleep after that, every little cough that came from her room, made my eyes shoot open with the thoughts of, “please don’t start puking kid!” dashing through my mind.  And because my mind was on high alert, any cough from my husband did the same thing, even though he isn’t sick. 🙄 Then I had some really weird dreams, too.

And we’re out of soda. Guess I’ll go make some flavored water for now.

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Cranky girl
Posted on August 27th, 2008 @ 8:17 am

She woke up once at around 4:30am, saying, of all things…. that she wanted to go swimming! LOL I got her back to sleep, and got about 30 minutes more of sleep before my alarm went off. *sigh* I snooze it once, then get up to shower. Then I poke my husband as I crawl back into bed, to let him know there’s about 25 minutes until it’s time for his “first” alarm. I conk out for that 25 minutes, poke him again when the alarm goes off. He gets his one snooze, and then gets up for his shower. I hit snooze once more, then get up to start getting dressed. While I’m doing that… The Kiddo starts crying.

As I’m putting some milk into a sippy for her, she opens her door and peeks out over the gate. I tell her I’ll be right there, and zap the milk for 30 seconds in the microwave. Put a little spoonful of Ovaltine in it (she LOVES chocolate milk, and Ovaltine is at least somewhat “good for you”), shake it and walk back to her room. I hand her the sippy and remove the gate…

And she immediately walks out and heads for my home office, saying, “Maniacs?” That is her saying, she wants to watch Animaniacs. I tell her no, it’s time to get ready for school. “No school!!” she says, starts to get whiny, and stomps back into her room, telling me to go away.

OMG – she’s only 2.5 years old – drama queen much?? LOL

So, I say, “fine, I’ll go away”, and turn heel and start to walk away. She starts to melt down because I was doing what she told me to. Heh. So I go pick her up and walk back into my bedroom with her, which is where I get her dressed for school. Usually.

She didn’t want to get dressed, she didn’t want her milk. She didn’t even want me to take her PJ bottoms off to change her out of her wet diaper! Oye!

By now my husband was getting dressed, and, observing her utter unwillingness to even allow me to change her diaper – and how I had to fight her to take her PJ bottoms off – said that he was willing to call out of work and we could all stay home. Seemed fine by me, my throat still hurts, and it would probably be WWIII just trying to get her ready for school.

So we both called out of work, and I called daycare to let them know she’d be out today.

She’s currently watching Animaniacs (like she wanted), and eating generic cocoa puffs. In about 20-30 minutes, my husband is going to go get Chik-fil-A for breakfast… Yummy!

So, a day off, courtesy of a super cranky little girl. Quite fine by us! LOL

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