Adventures in potty training
Posted on August 29th, 2008 @ 12:18 pm

Or is the “PC” term now “potty learning”?  Meh.  Potty training, potty learning, it’s all the same to me.

So last night, we get home, and the Kiddo wants to wear panties after I changed her out of a very soppy pull-up.  Which was my fault, because she said she had to go potty while we were at the store, but it was muggy, I was sweaty, and had a cart with cold groceries in it, and didn’t want to put off going home any longer than necessary – bad mommy!

Anyway, I did so, and set up the hall bathroom toilet so it had her little potty situated on the big toilet seat, and the stool at the foot of the toilet so all she would have to do is run in, strip down and use it.  Which she HAS done on her own before.

She wants to watch Madagascar while we kill time until dinner, so I oblige and remind her that if she has to go potty, she can just get up and run to the bathroom and go!  She doesn’t need to ask or tell me.

She says “OK!” and sits down to watch Madagascar.  She is sitting on the foot rest of her umbrella stroller (she is weird like that, and there is a back story to why the stroller is in my home office/hobby room), watching the movie, and drinking some strawberry milk.  I am at my desk, surfing and posting on some bulletin boards, and dropping some Entrecards.

About 20 minutes after we sat down, I hear the distinct splatter of liquid onto the carpet.  Only it takes me like five seconds for my brain to register WHAT that means.  And by then, it is too late.

AGGH!!!  She peed on my carpet, practically oblivious to what she was doing. GRRRR!  When I finally realized what was happening, and said her name in that “What are you DOING?!” tone, she looked up at me, then down at the puddle, and just continued to sit there and finish.  *insert big heaving sigh here*

All I could say was, “GO.  Go into the bathroom.  NOW,” and followed her out to go get a towel to mop up the puddle.

After I got it cleaned up, I told her she was going to wear a diaper.  NOT a pull-up, and definitely NOT panties (the rest are waiting to be washed, anyway).  Sadly, she didn’t even seem to care that she was going to have to wear a diaper.  In fact, the little stinker went into her room to go GET one.  🙄

There was still some time to kill before dinner, so we went back into my office and she continued to watch the movie. Five minutes later, she decides she has to potty.  Runs to the bathroom, strips off her diaper, sits on the toilet, and goes.

Suure, kid.  Use the toilet when you’re wearing a diaper, but pee on my floor when you’re wearing panties?  I think you have things backwards, kiddo.  And thanks.  Thank you very much.

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Another breakout
Posted on August 29th, 2008 @ 8:53 am

It happened yesterday afternoon, after we picked her up from school.

We picked her up, drove home and dropped off my husband and then went straight to the store for some groceries.  Within a couple of minutes of being there, she started to scratch at her sides, so I checked and sure enough, little patches of hives.  So far, this is the only thing in common with Sunday.  But NOT with Wednesday, as we had been at home all day before she started to break out.

I think next on our list would be to start a process of elmination.  It doesn’t seem to be any foods that I can determine, and the environment has only been the same twice out of the three times.

I think I may start with the laundry detergent.  When I dropped her off at daycare and told them she’d had another breakout after school, they started asking if we’d made any changes recently – clothes, laundry detergent, foods, etc.   Her clothes are the same ones she’s been wearing for at least a month.  There have been no new foods.  The laundry detergent… Well, we use the same BRAND, but previously I had been using the dye & perfume free version, this time we got the scented/color version.  But why, if she’s wearing an item of clothing that was washed in that detergent, would she NOT break out within moments of it being put on? Why wait until the end of the day?

Still, I will go buy another bottle of the dye/perfume free version and wash her clothes in it this weekend and see if that makes any difference.  And just to make sure it isn’t some food issue that, even though she’s been eating the same stuff for quite a while, something didn’t just change in her system and start reacting funny, I will track what she eats, too.

I just don’t want her to end up having to be a benedryl junkie just because she has hives break outs for no apparent reason. 🙁

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