At least we can laugh about it now
Posted on November 5th, 2008 @ 2:41 pm

There are a couple of things that the Kiddo did recently that I keep forgetting to talk about here that are kind of amusing… So, before I forget again… 


The first thing happened one night after I put her to bed.  After about 15 minutes of quiet, we heard her open her door and she hollered at us about being ready to go.  Go where, I have no idea, but she was ready to go. (she can’t get out because we keep a baby gate on her door to keep her in at night, and she *knocks on wood* hasn’t figured out how to climb over it yet)

So I walk back to her room, readying “stern mom” mode, and see her poking her head over the gate with a huge grin on her face.  And then I notice, she isn’t wearing her jammies, but she IS wearing clothing.

The little stinker got into her dresser drawers, pulled out a pair of size 24 month pants and 24 month shirt, stripped off her jammies and put on the one-size too small clothes.  AND socks. LOL

I couldn’t help but laugh as I asked her what she thought she was doing, and explained to her it was bedtime, not time to go anywhere but to bed, and then helped her back into her jammies.  I still am not sure where she thought she was going to go.  But I do know she’d been constantly asking to go to Grandma’s all that week.  It’s a good thing we keep a gate on her door, I think if it hadn’t been there she would have strolled out with her blankie bear and tag pillow in head, heading for the front door! LOL


The second thing happened a couple days later.  When I went in to wake her up to get her ready for school, at some time during the night, she had put on one sneaker, and had a sandal on her bed. 

I guess on one hand it’s great to know she can dress herself and put her shoes on, but on the other I am starting to wonder if I should turn the lock on her door around so it’s on the outside and start locking her in at night.  If she ever figures out how to climb over the baby gate, I am almost afraid to wonder if she would actually make it outside and start heading to Grandma’s house at 2am!  (Yes, she can both unlock and open the front door! That is why the baby gate is in place every night!) 


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Longing for Grandma’s House
Posted on September 10th, 2008 @ 9:18 am

The Kiddo stays overnight at her grandmother’s house now and then.  Before our vacation in August, it was every other week. Then Grandma decided it was time to revamp it to allow the youngest grandchild the opportunity to spend the night at her house, too.  Which is only fair and everyone was ok with.  So there are three grandchildren, so she has each one staying over night over the course of three weeks.  For the oldest it is on a Saturday night, and for the Kiddo and the youngest, it was a Tuesday night.

Well, then she started preschool, and my husband and I figured it would probably be a good idea to see if Grandma would be OK with moving the Kiddo’s night to the weekend, too, on the same pretense as the oldest grandchild – who is in preschool, and the idea is to avoid having them miss school.  Grandma agreed to the change.

Ordinarily, the Kiddo would’ve stayed at Grandma’s last night.  Now it will be this Saturday.  After she got up this morning and I got her dressed, and we were laying on my bed waiting for my husband to finish getting ready for work, she asked about seeing papa and grandma.  “See Papa? See Grandma” she asked.  I told her we’d see them again on Saturday.  “Noooooo!  See Papa! See Grandma!”  I just kind of let it go rather than pick a pointless arguement with my toddler.  She also let it drop since I didn’t continue to remind her that she was going to have to wait until Saturday.  I’ll have to remember that tactic for future reference.  Heh.

I didn’t expect that she’d notice she hasn’t stayed over at her grandmother’s since before our vacation in the middle of August.  But it’s apparent that she does remember.  I think she also wants to go over there because they just got a new puppy, that we had visited on Monday night and she wants to see it again.

On Saturday, sweetie. 🙂

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About her stroller
Posted on August 29th, 2008 @ 6:26 pm

In my last post I mentioned how the Kiddo sits on the footrest of her umbrella stroller when she watches movies while I’m on the computer.

How that came about, was a while back, when she stayed overnight at her grandmother’s house, she woke up with her foot being extremely sore.  We weren’t really sure what had happened, except that Grandma reported that the Kiddo had fallen out of bed during the night, so we figure maybe she sprained her foot.

Anyway, she was limping around a lot, the first day we had her back home, and the next day, she absolutely refused to walk on her foot.  I took her to the doctor, had her foot x-rayed (nothing was found), so the doctor agreed, it was probably a sprain, and she’d most likely be back to normal within a week.

When we got home that night, since I was getting tired of carrying her everywhere, I pulled out her umbrella stroller and started carting her around the house that way.  She LOVED it.  I’d roll her into my office and she’d watch her movies (at that time, it was mostly Nemo or Cars) sitting in her stroller.

Once her foot got better, she just continued to sit in the stroller to watch movies while we were back in my office. I tried to put it away once, and was met with a virtual nuclear meltdown, toddler style.

So, there it still sits, used as a seat.  Yeah, it’s kind of in the way, but for now it’s not a big deal if it keeps the peace.

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