At least we can laugh about it now

There are a couple of things that the Kiddo did recently that I keep forgetting to talk about here that are kind of amusing… So, before I forget again…    The first thing happened one night after I put her to bed.  After about 15 minutes of quiet, we heard her open her door and […]

Longing for Grandma’s House

The Kiddo stays overnight at her grandmother’s house now and then.  Before our vacation in August, it was every other week. Then Grandma decided it was time to revamp it to allow the youngest grandchild the opportunity to spend the night at her house, too.  Which is only fair and everyone was ok with.  So […]

About her stroller

In my last post I mentioned how the Kiddo sits on the footrest of her umbrella stroller when she watches movies while I’m on the computer. How that came about, was a while back, when she stayed overnight at her grandmother’s house, she woke up with her foot being extremely sore.  We weren’t really sure […]