Germ farms
Posted on November 26th, 2008 @ 11:20 am

Yet another reason not to go to places like chuck e cheese……  they’re germ farms.

The Kiddo apparently picked up a bug while there on Sunday, last night she threw up and had a mild fever.  Thankfully she slept thru the night without any further incidents, and she seems to be doing ok today so far *knock on wood*… I just hope she is 100% by tomorrow morning so we can go and have Thanksgiving lunch/dinner at her grandmother’s house.  It would suck to miss it because she is ill. 

Right now she’s sitting on her bed watching Tinkerbell on the iMac that I moved into her room for the day.  I figure that having her in her room to watch movies will help her get some rest to get over the bug.  My office is right next door to her room so when she hollers for more juice (generic pedialyte) or crackers I can easily hear her.  And also hear the precursor signs of an impending upchuck…

Originally the plan today was for me to work from home so that I could go to the thanksgiving lunch her preschool was having and that parents had been invited to… but her getting sick changed that, so I ended up staying up late last night to do my telecommute work so that today I could be free to deal with a potential barf fest.  I’m glad she is doing better today, I really hate having to hover with the bucket with a young girl who is only just grasping why mommy has to hold it in front of her when she wants very little to do with said bucket.  When she’s feeling ok she kind of gets the idea of the bucket, but when her tummy starts feeling yucky she wants nothing to do with it and pushes it away.  That’s always fun.  Ha.

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