Sometimes I wonder what goes on in her mind

Yes, this will be another potty-training related post.

So yesterday, I decided since it wasn’t that hot out when we got home, and with the sun going down I could work mostly in the shade, I decided to hit the front yard and do some weeding.  I had the Kiddo stay outside with me while I worked, since her dad decided to hunker down in front of his computer and play some Warhammer.

Maybe about 10 minutes in, she disappears into the house.  Then comes back out, and tells me she has to go potty.  A bit too late, as her skorty was already sopping wet.  So I escort her inside, and since my hands are covered in weed goo and I’ll be going back outside again to finish weeding – what’s the point in washing my hands if they’re going to get dirty again, right? – my husband helps her take the wet shorts off and puts her onto the potty.  Where she proceeds to do absolutely nothing but sit.  Apparently she did all she was going to in her clothing.

So I go to get her some underwear and a new pair of shorts (pinching them at the very edges of the fabric between my thumb and index finger to keep the weed goo from transferring over), and she puts them on, and we go back outside.

Another 15-20 minutes pass, maybe, and she disappears back into the house, but this time doesn’t come right back out.  *sigh* That is never a good sign, so I toss the weeds in my hand into a pile and go into the house to look for her.

I find her standing in the kitchen looking at the empty packaging from her Mrs. Potato Head, and a dinner-plate sized puddle of pee on the floor next to her. :evil:   What bugs me about this is she never says a thing to me that she has to potty (unless it’s too late like the first time), and she doesn’t even try to go into the restroom by herself and ask either of us for help.  I don’t know, maybe I’m expecting a lot out of someone who isn’t even three years old yet, but she goes by herself ALL THE TIME at school!  So why not at home?  It just confuses me, and I wonder what goes on in her head where she doesn’t *think* to head to our bathroom when she has to go potty.  We even left her little toilet on top of the big toilet and the stool at the foot of the toilet so she can climb up without help, but she apparently decided the floor was a better spot.


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One Response to “Sometimes I wonder what goes on in her mind”

  1. Lori (3 comments) said:

    I feel your pain. My 2-1/2 year old has been doing well with PT for the past month and now she’s decided that pooping her pants is a lot more fun and cleaner than using the toilet.

    Everything I’m told is that they’ll work it out, but to stay patient.

    If she’s staying clean at school, she’s capable of staying clean at home, she just chooses to potty her pants.

    You’ll get there!

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