She had strep – knock me over with a feather
January 28th, 2009 @ 10:53 am

Seriously, I had NO clue, she showed ZERO of the regular symptoms.

Her only symptoms were a mild cough a few days prior, and a weird rash that popped up on Sunday, which, since she had no fever or any complaints of a sore throat, we chalked up to an allergic reaction to something.  When it didn’t disappear on its own by Monday morning, I called to make an appointment with her doctor.

The doc looked at her rash, then looked in her throat and said he suspected it may be strep, since her throat looked a little irritated (no mention of  any white spots or anything like that).  That kind of blew my mind since she wasn’t exhibiting any signs of it (that I knew of, anyway), and had no fever, and hadn’t had a fever in any of the previous days…

He did a throat culture, and a few minutes later came back in and said it tested positive for strep.  Talk about suprising the heck out of me!  So he prescribed antibiotics, and said she’d be contagious until 24 hours after her first dose, which meant I’d be keeping her home again on Tuesday, too.

That has to be the strangest manifestation of strep I’ve seen yet – just a simple little mild itchy rash and a bit of a cough.

Warning – poo talk ahead!

Now we’ve got to contend with a bit of the trots, poor kid.  She did ok with getting to the potty in time yesterday (fortunately it is not completely liquid, just, um, softer than usual for her), I hope she does OK at school, too.

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