Ready for Halloween?

Yesterday we went to a local farm that has a fesitval every fall (I’ll post a few pix later this week), and afterwards we went to my brother-in-law’s house to hang out and let the kids play.  BIL’s wife wanted to go get her daughter’s Halloween outfit and asked if I wanted to go along, since I was still looking for the Kiddo’s outfit pieces.

First we went to a party store, where she got her daughter’s Care Bear outfit.  We were able to find a cheap ladybug ensemble (wings & hairband with fuzzy antanea) for the Kiddo.  Then we went to W@l-M@rt to look for the clothes but had no luck there.  We then went to K0hl’s, where I found a pair of black pants & shirt that she could wear normally at school (double-duty, yeah!), which would work fine for her ladybug outfit.

Now she’s pretty much all set for Halloween, I just need to hide the ladybug wings to keep her from ruining them until Halloween.. after that she can wear them as often as she likes.

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3 Responses to “Ready for Halloween?”

  1. Jacqueline (1 comments) said:

    My daughter is going to be a ladybug too. I was going to get black tights to put under her outfit but I think I’ll get black pants instead, Thanks for the idea. I left you an award on my blog
    Mom to Three Sisters

  2. MommyKoz (1 comments) said:

    You ‘re much smarter than I am. Our little one put her costume on as soon as she got home so she could show daddy when *he* got home… and both her little tulle sleeves ripped. It was THEN that I bagged the costume and put it up & away until Halloween.

  3. inyang (1 comments) said:

    doesn’t it feel great when kids are learning new things?

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