Longing for Grandma’s House

The Kiddo stays overnight at her grandmother’s house now and then.  Before our vacation in August, it was every other week. Then Grandma decided it was time to revamp it to allow the youngest grandchild the opportunity to spend the night at her house, too.  Which is only fair and everyone was ok with.  So there are three grandchildren, so she has each one staying over night over the course of three weeks.  For the oldest it is on a Saturday night, and for the Kiddo and the youngest, it was a Tuesday night.

Well, then she started preschool, and my husband and I figured it would probably be a good idea to see if Grandma would be OK with moving the Kiddo’s night to the weekend, too, on the same pretense as the oldest grandchild – who is in preschool, and the idea is to avoid having them miss school.  Grandma agreed to the change.

Ordinarily, the Kiddo would’ve stayed at Grandma’s last night.  Now it will be this Saturday.  After she got up this morning and I got her dressed, and we were laying on my bed waiting for my husband to finish getting ready for work, she asked about seeing papa and grandma.  “See Papa? See Grandma” she asked.  I told her we’d see them again on Saturday.  “Noooooo!  See Papa! See Grandma!”  I just kind of let it go rather than pick a pointless arguement with my toddler.  She also let it drop since I didn’t continue to remind her that she was going to have to wait until Saturday.  I’ll have to remember that tactic for future reference.  Heh.

I didn’t expect that she’d notice she hasn’t stayed over at her grandmother’s since before our vacation in the middle of August.  But it’s apparent that she does remember.  I think she also wants to go over there because they just got a new puppy, that we had visited on Monday night and she wants to see it again.

On Saturday, sweetie. 🙂

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