Listening skills: needs work
November 10th, 2008 @ 3:14 pm

If the Kiddo has any faults right now, it is her listening skills.  Or, her lack thereof, shall we say.  We’re often repeating ourselves, although we try to limit it to no more than two or three times, with the threat of time out with the second repeat if it has to be said a third time.  That is not unreasonable is it?  For a going-on-three year old?

Yesterday while I was in the kitchen trying to clean up some dishes, I noticed she had sat herself in her dolly’s stroller and was trying to inch along with her feet.  I told her she needed to get out of her dolly stroller or she would break it.  She kept on inching along.  I told her again, and added if she didn’t listen I would take the stroller away and she’d go to the corner.  She kept going.

So, I had to take away her dolly stroller, which was one heck of a fight because she tried hard to hang on to it, even after I had folded it up , including plopping her butt down on the floor and playing dead weight.  Once I got it loose from her hands I dropped it on the floor and started the wrestling match to get her into the corner (again, dead weight + flailing limbs and kicks).  After getting her into the corner and while her dad stood watch, I went to go hide the stroller (it’s currently under our bed).

She was QUITE livid about having that stroller taken away.  Plus the punishment in the corner.  She ended up sobbing so hard that she repeating herself about four or five times – “I *sob* want *sob*  to *sob* get *sob* out *sob*” (of the corner – she kept repeating because she couldn’t finish the sentence for crying so hard).  I actually had to stifle some chuckling because it sounded so darn funny at the time.  That doesn’t happen too often (me laughing), but sometimes it can’t be helped. The tricky part is hiding the fact that their angry antics are making you giggle a little, because what kind of message will that send?  And it wasn’t a mocking laugh or anything that would be uncool, it was more of the type that just comes out an inappropriate times because what else can you do?  And the sob talk just tripped that trigger…

Anyway, I think I ended up spraining my wrist when trying to haul her into the corner.  It’s the same wrist I sprained a few months back (and have no clue how it happened then), so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised it has been reinjured.  It’s not TOO bad, and I’m using an ace bandage to keep it wrapped most of the time and particularly at night.

For now it seems she has forgotten about the dolly stroller even existing.  But if she does happen to remember it suddenly and ask where it is, it will only be given back under the condition that she doesn’t sit in it.  Of course we’ll see how long that lasts.

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