If one says no, go ask the other

She’s already learning this trick, although thankfully for the most part it doesn’t work out to her advantage.  Last night I was cooking dinner, and she wanted me to open a package of Sun Chips (one of the little 100 calorie packs) – I told her no, because I was gettig dinner ready and we’d be eating soon.  She pleaded a couple more times, but I stood firm and stuck with telling her no.

So she pouts and walks away – toward her daddy’s office.  I immediately knew what she was intending on doing, and sure enough, I hear her dad tell her no also.  The only difference is that he sweetens the sting a little by telling her she can have them AFTER dinner (whereas that thought didn’t even occur to me).

Just as dinner is about done he comes out and relays their conversation – when she asked him if she could have the chips, he asked her in turn, “Did mommy already tell you no?”, to which she answers, “No.”  Then he says he asked her again, adding something to the effect of  “I’m pretty sure I heard her tell you no,” to which she quietly says “yes” with another pout.

So not only is she trying out the fine art of asking the other parent when the first one says no, she’s also fibbing to try to get her way.   Thank goodness she isn’t very good at either yet. LOL

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  1. story between us (1 comments) said:

    uww.. your girl’s so neat and cute.. :heart: :gift:
    i like your blog too

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