I may have to eat my words

Those blisters might NOT be caused by her pull-ups.  :blush:

One more popped up on her leg, nowhere near where her pull-ups would be, and it was when she’d been in underwear for two straight days.  My MIL had looked up some pictures of a certain skin infection when she had the Kiddo overnight on Saturday, and showed the pictures to me when we went over to hang out and pick up the Kiddo yesterday.


Yeah. Those pictures showed what looked an awful lot like what I saw on her tummy on Friday.  *sigh*

So today I’m staying home with her to take her to the doctor to have what’s left checked out – plus another patch of OTHER skin ickies on her other leg (unrelated to the new stuff – looks more like zits or bug bites), and the cough that cropped up over the weekend.

This is what we get for her switching rooms at school.  She was doing well with not bringing home ickies in the other room, then she gets moved and *bam*!  First the tummy ickies, now some skin ickies & a cough.


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