Her upcoming 3rd Birthday Party
January 7th, 2009 @ 11:24 am

It’s quickly starting to look like Chuck E Cheese would’ve been the cheaper route, but we’re non-conformists, dang it!  Just because the other two kids had parties there, doesn’t mean we should, too.

Her party theme is Tinkerbell, and I was able to find a place that has a Tinkerbell bounce house for $115 for six hours.  That is much longer than we’ll ever need, we’ll probably not even need it for three hours.

But anyway.  I still need to get plates and stuff, and order a cake.  The last couple of years I got half sheet cakes… this year, even though there will be more people at the party (most likely), I’m going to go with a 1/4 sheet; that seemed to be enough at the CEC parties and there were a lot more people at those than what I’m planning on having at the Kiddo’s party, so it should be sufficient, particularly if we include ice cream.

I also need to get some stuff for the goodie bags, which I may go shopping for this weekend while the Kiddo as at her Grandmother’s house for her monthly overnight stay.  AND I still need to figure out what we’re going to be feeding everyone.  I’m thinking maybe just four or six $5 footlong subs from subway…  Cut each of those halves in half again and that should be a good variety of choices, you think?

I think I may consider her party her gift though, since the bounce house itself is costing a pretty penny, plus I just recently got her a bunch of new clothes, too, so technically she’s already gotten quite a bit from us.  Unless I can find something inexpensive to include as our gift, but at this age I don’t think she is really going to notice whether or not a present has “from mommy and daddy” on it or not.

It kind of sucks that her birthday is less than a month after Christmas, but ah well.

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