Found: My Sweet Toddler

Man last week was rough. I hope she doesn’t sprain another limb for a LONG time.  It took three days before we could remove the shirt she was wearing the day she got hurt, and another day after that to convince her a warm bath would help her arm.  Then Friday, she suddenly realized her arm did not hurt as much as she thought and she turned into a holy terror.

We went out to Petsmart to get some kitty litter and cat food, and looked at the animals while we were there.. the fishes, the kitties available for adoption, the birds, reptiles and rodents.  All went fine until we got to the betta fish – then she wanted to try to hold one of the cups by herself.  Um, NO.  I told her mommy needed to hold the fishy, she could just look.  She gave me attitude.  I was considering buying a fish and a small fish tank, but I also wanted to get lunch and didn’t want the fish to cook in the car while we were getting our food.  So I told her we’d maybe get the fish later and we needed to head out and get lunch.

More attitude.  Maybe not so much for the “getting the fish later” part, but for the having to leave and go somewhere else part.  She shrieked “NOOOOO!” and tried to run from me. :shock:  That earned her a swat on the rear.

We check out and leave the store, and stand at the edge of the sidewalk before crossing into the parking lot. I want her to walk between me and the cart, not next to it.  She refuses to cooperate, and almost darts into the street.  I can just feel the gray hairs sprouting up on my head.  I pick her up and plant her on the box of kitty litter in the cart.  She’s crying, angry because she isn’t getting her way.  I’m angry, because now I have no desire to attempt to take her into the restaurant I wanted lunch from to order our food, and it does not have a drive through, so we’re going straight home.  She goes straight to the corner as soon as we get home.  Ugh!

I got more attitude throughout the rest of the day, and had to take away the iMac from her room again so she’d nap (it’s back in my office now, it will no longer sit on her dresser even temporarily).  At least she napped, though it took her until 3pm.

I mean, I was glad that she was finally using her arm and playing again, but geeze.  I started to wonder where my sweet little girl went, and was very thankful I’d be able to go back to work on Monday and she to preschool.  She improved over the weekend, though.  I think it was just a bad day, she realized she had her freedom back and was completely snotty about it.  She’s nearly back to her old self now, although still with a teeny bit of attitude, which she was exhibiting last night when she was supposed to be going to sleep. 

So yeah, I’m glad to have my sweet girl back and the snotty girl that took her over on Friday is nearly gone.  That is certainly one week I will hope to never have to repeat again in the future.

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