Cranky girl
August 27th, 2008 @ 8:17 am

She woke up once at around 4:30am, saying, of all things…. that she wanted to go swimming! LOL I got her back to sleep, and got about 30 minutes more of sleep before my alarm went off. *sigh* I snooze it once, then get up to shower. Then I poke my husband as I crawl back into bed, to let him know there’s about 25 minutes until it’s time for his “first” alarm. I conk out for that 25 minutes, poke him again when the alarm goes off. He gets his one snooze, and then gets up for his shower. I hit snooze once more, then get up to start getting dressed. While I’m doing that… The Kiddo starts crying.

As I’m putting some milk into a sippy for her, she opens her door and peeks out over the gate. I tell her I’ll be right there, and zap the milk for 30 seconds in the microwave. Put a little spoonful of Ovaltine in it (she LOVES chocolate milk, and Ovaltine is at least somewhat “good for you”), shake it and walk back to her room. I hand her the sippy and remove the gate…

And she immediately walks out and heads for my home office, saying, “Maniacs?” That is her saying, she wants to watch Animaniacs. I tell her no, it’s time to get ready for school. “No school!!” she says, starts to get whiny, and stomps back into her room, telling me to go away.

OMG – she’s only 2.5 years old – drama queen much?? LOL

So, I say, “fine, I’ll go away”, and turn heel and start to walk away. She starts to melt down because I was doing what she told me to. Heh. So I go pick her up and walk back into my bedroom with her, which is where I get her dressed for school. Usually.

She didn’t want to get dressed, she didn’t want her milk. She didn’t even want me to take her PJ bottoms off to change her out of her wet diaper! Oye!

By now my husband was getting dressed, and, observing her utter unwillingness to even allow me to change her diaper – and how I had to fight her to take her PJ bottoms off – said that he was willing to call out of work and we could all stay home. Seemed fine by me, my throat still hurts, and it would probably be WWIII just trying to get her ready for school.

So we both called out of work, and I called daycare to let them know she’d be out today.

She’s currently watching Animaniacs (like she wanted), and eating generic cocoa puffs. In about 20-30 minutes, my husband is going to go get Chik-fil-A for breakfast… Yummy!

So, a day off, courtesy of a super cranky little girl. Quite fine by us! LOL

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