Countdown to her Birthday
January 13th, 2009 @ 9:13 am

Five more days, and my baby will turn three years old.  Wow, time flies!

I invited four of her friends from school, so far one has RSVP’d, but I did give the invitations a bit late (last Wednesday), so I pretty much expected to not hear from anyone until this week.  The one child who I was hoping would come (the most out of the four), her mom RSVP’d last night, so I’m happy about that.  This little girl and one other at school are pretty much what I’d equate to the Kiddo’s best friends, particularly this girl, so I’m glad she can make it.

I’m still not sure what we’ll get her since the party itself is really starting to add up (yes I’m already thinking CEC would have been cheaper at this point, especially if I kept the nbr of kids invited to a minimum). 

If we ever have another child, I’m going to try to plan it so that the birthday doesn’t fall anywhere near Christmas!  At first I figured almost a month away would work out ok, but I’m quickly finding that it’s still quite a crunch!

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