Countdown to Christmas

Only a couple of days left – are you done shopping?

We are, with the exception of some sodas for the holiday party and a few other food items. But as of yesterday our gift shopping is complete, I had two things left to pick up and I was able to get those, one of which at a huge discount I was not expecting. Yay!

The Kiddo is off from daycare this week to spend it at home with me, and I dragged her out and about with me yesterday. She did pretty well considering she didn’t get a nap until we got in the car to head home at about 4pm.  And then it was only 15 minutes and after we got home… BOOOY was she cranky!  Poor kid.  Nevertheless she still did not want to go back down to sleep, but the rest of the night she did alright.

Even another trip out to the grocery store was fairly uneventful, although I did spend a bunch of time playing the “I’m going to count to five and if you don’t (insert command)” game with her.  But she didn’t have any meltdowns, so that is cool.  Plus she saw one of her little friends from preschool while we were there, too.  It was quite cute, we crossed paths several times during shopping, and we even ended up checking out at the same time, they two lanes down from us, and while we were both standing in line, her friend would shout out “Kiddo, where are you!!?”, to which my daughter would respond, “I HE-RE!!”, and would even try leaving the lane to go look for him.  There was no one behind us, but I ended up wrangling her into the cart so she’d stay put while I paid.

Today it’s baking day.  I picked out five cookie recipes to bake, and I’m about to print them out so I can get started with the two that will need to chill for a couple of hours.  Those are also the ones that will be those that I’ll have the Kiddo help me cut out before baking, and then either later today, or tomorrow before the party, we’ll decorate together.  I just hope a fondant rolling pin will work ok because I couldn’t find anything else other than that at the walfart, and I had completely forgotten to pick up one at Bed Bath & Beyond while I was there.

Sure, I remembered to buy new mixing bowls, but not a rolling pin.  Way to go!

Off to begin baking about a billion cookies.

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  1. Fear Of Long Words (1 comments) said:

    I cant believe how quickly it has come around. November came and went so quickly, and now here we are on Christmas Eve!

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