Countdown calendar
December 18th, 2008 @ 10:54 am

Yesterday my husband came up with the idea of making a countdown calendar for the Kiddo, to help her see how many days are left before she gets her presents.  Every single day she asks, “my presents?”, so she grasps the concept that she’ll be getting to open presents, however she doesn’t quite get that it is still a week away before she can do that.

So last night my husband printed out December from iCal on his mac and we taped it on the Kiddo’s wall above her dresser so she can (hopefully) not reach it without our help.  We had her cross off yesterday’s date, and every night before bed we will let her cross off that day.

Usually we don’t use our video camera much, but I think it is going to be used at least twice this coming week – once on Friday for her preschool’s Christmas presentation, since my husband will not be able to get out of work to attend (it will be at 3pm), and again Christmas morning so we can record her reactions to opening her presents.

There is one item in particular that we decided just recently to get for her after my husband noted how much she liked it at the preschool – the Leapfrog Tag reading system.  Yes, our daughter is not yet three years old, and the system is geared toward 4-7 year olds, but she knows how to use the one at school and sits intently clicking on the pictures with the pen.  So we figure, what the heck, if she is interested in it, why not? It encourages learning so it’s certainly not going to be a waste by any stretch, especially if she uses it frequently.  We bought four books (it comes with one), and the carrying case to store it in.  And even better, it was on sale at ToysRUs, PLUS they are giving $20 gift cards with the purchase of that system.  Score!  So I may go back this weekend to get her some stocking stuffers or something with the gift card.

I think she’ll enjoy the rest of what we got for her…

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