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Birthday parties

The Kiddo was invited to her first non-family birthday party this weekend.  It’s for one of her classmates in pre-school.  It should be interesting since the time is right about when she would normally go down for a nap if it were a school day, so I plan on letting her stay up a little […]

Picture Day

It’s picture day at her preschool today.  They did this earlier this year back in the spring, and those pictures turned out pretty well despite the fact that we totally missed the announcements about picture day and she wasn’t wearing anything special that day. LOL Today I dressed her in a red shirt and a […]

I knew she was smart, but this amazed me

On the way home after picking up the Kiddo from daycare/preschool, we chatted in the car with her like usual, asked her how her day was, if she had fun, etc.  Today was someone’s birthday, and there was goodie bags, so she was digging through and eating the candy – a twizzler, a roll of […]

Trying to salvage soiled shoes

This will be a post that discusses poo (as discretely as I can, I hope), so if you are squeamish at the idea of it, avert your eyes and read something else.  If it doesn’t phase you, then read on.  🙂 Yesterday at daycare, the Kiddo had a #2 accident.  Sometimes she doesn’t tell anyone […]

Praise from her teachers

When I dropped the kiddo off at school today, one of her teachers told me that she was one of their best at pronouncing their own names. Talk about making a mom feel proud! She also recognizes her name when it is written down or spelled out in magnetic letters.  Her daddy was instrumental in […]

Bless her little heart

(not said in the tone typically used for that phrase – this is genuine) I got the Kiddo dressed for school, had her give her daddy a kiss on the cheek while he slept, and then got her into the car, with her little sunglasses and her little “Lilo & Stitch” purse, and her “pinnow”. […]

Long weekends can be rough

for the Kiddo when she has to go back to daycare after spending such a long weekend with us.  Moreso when she was sick for part of the weekend. She was NOT happy about me leaving her at school today.  Poor girl. I’m sure she was ok within a few minutes though.  Otherwise we would […]