Being rubbed raw by Huggies Pull-Ups
Posted on September 12th, 2008 @ 9:35 am

The last few days, I’ve noticed a little sore on the Kiddo’s tummy.  First one appeared, it looked like it had been picked at, I figured she had just scraped herself on something, or it had been an itchy spot that she scratched until it scabbed up.  Then another appeared, less than an inch from the other one, but smaller.  Then one more, about the same size as the second.

Then yesterday, we get home and I go to change her out of her pull-up, and notice a HUGE blister (like, the size of a green pea!), near the first three other spots, plus another much smaller spot that also appeared to be a blister.  What in the world??

When I took off her pull-up, I noticed that the “waist line” of it lined up exactly with where the blisters were at. Hmm.  I wonder if something was rubbing wrong in that spot and causing the blisters?  We are using Huggies brand, which I did notice that those have been redesigned sometime in the past couple of months, because now they have this extra purple elastic in the front and the back, which I presume is to make them “better fitting”. We’ve used Huggies in the past and she never had any issues, but that was before they redesigned them.

So rather than put her in another pull-up and make things worse, I put her in underwear and then we went to the grocery store.  She did really good, only had a tiny accident when we first got to the store because dummy mommy didn’t think to have her use the toilet before we left the house, and when we got to the store, the second we step foot in the building she tells me she needs to go, and the bathroom is not exactly close to the entrance – maybe about 70 feet away.  And 70 ft to a toddler who has to go potty, could just as well be a mile away.

She asked a second time while we were shopping to go to the bathroom, so I had to park the cart at the end of a check-out isle and dash into the restroom with her.  The third bathroom visit came after we left that store and I realized, well crud, I forgot something! So I drove to a different store down the road (don’t want to look too dumb, ya know?), and she told me in that store she had to go again.

I swear toddlers must have bladders the size of a thimble.

Since she did so good, including going one more time before dinner, she got four stickers for her potty sheet – one for each visit to the potty.  Today she went to school in underwear (instead of the usual pull-up), and the teacher took her to the toilet as soon as I left the room since she sat on our toilet for a good five minutes and didn’t do a darn thing.  She’ll only be wearing a pull-up for nap time, but she does have a bandaid over the spot where the blister is/was, so hopefully that will be fine for just nap time.

I’m a little annoyed at this because we have a nearly full package of pull-ups now that we probably won’t be using anymore.  I think I am going to write to Huggies and complain about this.  I took a picture of the blister, too, so I will probably include that in the letter.  I want my money back, I don’t even want to donate these to the daycare in case it rubs some other kid’s poor tummy to blistering.

It was rather odd that it was only on the one side, though.  I guess she favors her left side in that case, since the blisters are on the left.

Anyway – has anyone else had this experience with the new design of this brand of pull-ups? I just wonder if it’s an isolated incident with just my daughter or if there are others it is happening to as well.

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