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Two years gone by

Wow, where have I been eh? Not posting here, definitely.  Not posting on my thoughts blog, either.  It’s not for lack of stuff to talk about, just lack of motivation.

She’s rocking the piggy tails

Ever since she stayed over at her grandmother’s house and MIL put piggy tails on her for school last Friday, the Kiddo has been all about the piggy tails.  Every single day.  So now to our morning routine we’ve added putting her hair up in piggy tails before we head off to take her to […]

Report on the birthday party yesterday

I think she did fairly well yesterday, considering that most of it happened during her normal nap time. When we first got there, the birthday girl’s family wasn’t there yet so we walked around looking at all the games and rides and such (it was at chuck e cheese), and she kept trying to get […]

afternoon naptime

The Kiddo had a pretty good nap this afternoon.  She went down at around 1:45p and got up at about 5pm.  Yep, a fairly long nap, but she seems refreshed. At about 3:15 I started nodding off at my desk, so told my husband I was going to go lay down on the floor of […]

Fun with Playdough

Tuesday evening, my husband decided we should go to the toy store and buy the Kiddo some new playdough and some of the play sets that go along with it, since a) she really likes playing with playdough and the accessories when she is at school, and b) it would give the two of them […]

Finally, a different movie

I finally convinced her to watch something else besides Toy Story 2.  I think my poor iMac was about to keel over from playing that one constantly. We’ve moved on to Lilo & Stitch.  I expect that one to play over and over.  And over and over.  And over. I swear I start dreaming about […]

Miss Sleepyhead

Most days, we have to convince the Kiddo when it is nap time to go lay down and get some rest. Today was different – she was sitting watching Toy Story II, and decided to pause it and proceed to tell me “I tired, I want to nap.” O.o You won’t get any argument from […]

Longing for Grandma’s House

The Kiddo stays overnight at her grandmother’s house now and then.  Before our vacation in August, it was every other week. Then Grandma decided it was time to revamp it to allow the youngest grandchild the opportunity to spend the night at her house, too.  Which is only fair and everyone was ok with.  So […]

Morning baths for toddlers – not recommended

So last night, we went to dinner at Red Lobster with my husband’s mom & step-dad, to partake in RL’s Shrimp Fest all-you-can eat dealie.  Yummy!  Well, that also meant we got home a little later than we anticipated.  The Kiddo really needed a bath, but 1) it was already bedtime when we got home, […]

Time Flies

Earlier I was looking through the pictures in my gallery to make the badges for my Entrecard widgets, for a specific picture of some flowers my husband gave me for my birthday right after I found out I was pregnant with the Kiddo.  This of course meant I was scrolling through hundreds of pictures taken […]