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At least we can laugh about it now

There are a couple of things that the Kiddo did recently that I keep forgetting to talk about here that are kind of amusing… So, before I forget again…    The first thing happened one night after I put her to bed.  After about 15 minutes of quiet, we heard her open her door and […]

My child is strange sometimes

But whose isn’t, really?  Kids can do some really funny things, and also some really weird things. Something she likes to do recently, and I really have no idea why… is climb on the couch and wedge herself behind me (kind of like if she was going to do a piggy-back ride, but sitting), wrap […]

Chapstick: It’s the new Crack.

“Jus’ a wittle bit.” Anytime the Kiddo sees my purse, or even a glimpse of a tube of Chapstick (or any type of lip balm, for that matter), she HAS to put some on.  And she says that phrase, to let me know she is bent on doing so. She will unzip my purse, and […]


definition: a mis-pronounced word used by the Kiddo so often that the parent starts to use it, too. Sometimes. The first one, and my favorite:  pinnow This is what she says when she means “pillow”.  She has a little pillow lovey that I got for her last Christmas.  It has always been “pinnow”.  Until this […]