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Pink pink pink!

The girl likes pink.  So in honor of her favorite color, it is Christmas in Pink! I still need to adjust the EC widget, but otherwise I think this one is set.  Oops, need to correct the links in the nav bar, but otherwise I think everything is working OK on this.  I still need […]

Overdue award thanks

I have not been ignoring the awards that have been left for me.  I’ve just been busy at work, which is usually when I do my blogging, so… Anyway, I’m taking a few minutes to do some thanks for the following rewards: From Judi @ Where the Road Takes Us, and Emily @ Mama & […]

Award time

Wow, I got an award from two gals this weekend!  Neat! Thank you to Julie at Moma’s Life and Jacqueline at Mom to Three Sisters for the award. I’ll have to do the “pass the torch” part of the award later tonight or this week.  In the meantime I need to get some stuff done at work […]

New template

I wanted to add a header – well, add text to the header – but the template I was using before didn’t have a header for starters, and second, I couldn’t find any good alphabets to match up with the colors. So I switched to a different template and added text to the header.  I […]

Temporarily removed

…the blog list.  For the time being.  I will repost it later.  Sorry.

My WAHM Forum list of bloggers

I’ve started reading a thread on a forum on, that is dedicated to blogging for $. Here is a list of sites for the girls who’ve posted on the thread (compiled by some of them, modified slightly by me), most of which I have added to my blogroll. World of Mom Drizzly Blog WICBlog […]

Is my Entrecard pic showing up?

I am only seeing something for solar aid? Hmm.