School of hard knocks
Posted on February 24th, 2009 @ 11:44 pm

Good lord today was just a terrible, horrible day.

To put it bluntly, toddlers are not graceful.  They’re still working out that thing called balance, and haven’t mastered how to regain one’s balance if they start to lose it.  Hell, I’m an adult and I still haven’t quite figured that one out yet.  So, take some twirling in circles,  and throw good ol’ gravity into the mix?  And a nearby, immobile, hard object? Well, that is just a recipe for disaster.

Forehead, meet the dresser handle.  Dresser handle, meet the forehead.

There was much blood, and much crying (from both the Kiddo AND me).

There was a three hour visit to the emergency room, and three or four stitches.  And then a popsicle and a small puppy finger puppet (from the doctor) for being such a trooper!  She didn’t cry during the stitches at all, and held still just like we asked her to do.  Yay for topical anesthetic, and yay for a very calm little girl!  And a super doctor and nurse, to boot.  And thanks to her grandma for sitting with us at the ER in sheer boredom waiting those long three hours, helping me keep the Kiddo entertained.

I am so spent.  I hope to never have to repeat what happened today ever again.  But I imagine that is just wishful thinking… if she inherited my clutziness, and can’t find her gracefulness, well, I fear something like this will probably happen at some point again, but hopefully in the way way distant future.  But I can still hope that distant future never comes and she turns out to be as graceful as a swan, right?  One can dream…

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Christmas day began with a THUD
Posted on December 25th, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

And no, I’m sorry to say it wasn’t Santa’s reindeer stomping on our roof.

Sometime in the middle of the night, the Kiddo came into our room and got into bed on my side.  I was aware of this, because when she first got in bed, she laid completely ON me.   I was on my back, and she climbed right up, laid down on me and put her cheek against mine and we dozed like that for about ten minutes I guess, until her weight started to bother me being on my chest like that.

I think she came into our room because I had her humidifier on in her room for her stuffy nose, and she’d gotten cold (her little toesies were icicles).  After I’d had enough of 35 lbs on my chest I made the dumb mistake of having her lay to  my left on the bed, which is on the edge of the bed, thinking in a few minutes I’d take her back to her room for the rest of the night.

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What a way to start the week!
Posted on December 1st, 2008 @ 3:04 pm

Last week it was a tummy bug.  THIS week, not even three hours of being at school, I get a call from her daycare director letting me know that she had fallen or tripped outside on the playground and had hurt her wrist.  At the time the director called it had been about 10 minutes since the incident and she was still very upset and holding her wrist as tight as she could, not letting anyone there look at it.  I asked the director to give it about 10 more minutes and if she still was clinging to her wrist and not any better to give me a call. View the rest of this entry…

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