The purpose of this blog is twofold: first and most importantly, to track the life of my daughter as she grows. Second, eventually, as a hopeful source of a little income.

Currently my daughter is 31 months old, potty training, and started preschool this past Monday.

She likes watching movies: Finding Nemo, Madagascar, Cars, and A Bug’s Life. And once it comes out on DVD… she’ll definitely love watching Wall-E as well. That was the first movie we took her to in the theaters, and she sat through it beautifully.

Her favorite food by far is chocolate anything – chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip cookies. You name it, if it has chocolate in it, she will eat it. I felt her first kick at about 17.5wks after my husband and I made a microwave chocolate brownie and I took a big whiff after it was done cooking, so the fact the likes chocolate now is not too big of a surprise. LOL

She also sucks her thumb, a habit I hope she outgrows.