About her stroller

In my last post I mentioned how the Kiddo sits on the footrest of her umbrella stroller when she watches movies while I’m on the computer.

How that came about, was a while back, when she stayed overnight at her grandmother’s house, she woke up with her foot being extremely sore.  We weren’t really sure what had happened, except that Grandma reported that the Kiddo had fallen out of bed during the night, so we figure maybe she sprained her foot.

Anyway, she was limping around a lot, the first day we had her back home, and the next day, she absolutely refused to walk on her foot.  I took her to the doctor, had her foot x-rayed (nothing was found), so the doctor agreed, it was probably a sprain, and she’d most likely be back to normal within a week.

When we got home that night, since I was getting tired of carrying her everywhere, I pulled out her umbrella stroller and started carting her around the house that way.  She LOVED it.  I’d roll her into my office and she’d watch her movies (at that time, it was mostly Nemo or Cars) sitting in her stroller.

Once her foot got better, she just continued to sit in the stroller to watch movies while we were back in my office. I tried to put it away once, and was met with a virtual nuclear meltdown, toddler style.

So, there it still sits, used as a seat.  Yeah, it’s kind of in the way, but for now it’s not a big deal if it keeps the peace.

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