Kiddo: 1, Mommy: 0
Posted on October 30th, 2008 @ 7:53 am

Last night we had a first in our house.

Our first, “if your kid/s is/are too quiet, that can’t be good”, incident.  I have photographic proof, too.

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And on the flip side of this week…
Posted on October 27th, 2008 @ 3:24 pm

She has entered a very, VERY irritating phase.

“I can’t!”, which she says if she either a) doesn’t WANT to do something, or b) doesn’t THINK she can do something (when it is obivous she CAN) – which probably can really just be included in the first item.

Yesterday evening she tossed one of her baby dolls onto our bed, and it was just out of her “normal” reach, but if she stretched and got up on her toes, reaching it would’ve been very easy.  It was *just* at the tip of her fingers if she reached with no effort.  And I had a pile of clean clothes on the bed, so I did not want her to climb onto it to get the doll.  So instead of trying to reach the doll by stretching a little bit and getting on her toes, she just stood there with her arm outstretched on the bed, just within reach of the doll, whining “I can’t!”.

Then she decided to toss a small ball onto the bed, which WAS out of reach for her.  And went back to the corner of the bed, which she uses to climb up, and tried to use it an excuse to get both items.  I told her, no, she has to reach to get her doll FIRST, then she can climb up to get the ball.  (Yeah, I know, kind of against the reason I didn’t want her on the bed in the first place, but I didn’t tell her why I didn’t want her on the bed, so that really doesn’t matter in this case).

And you know what?  Just like that, she stretched a little on her toes and got her doll. I told her, “See? I knew you could do it! Now you can climb up and get your ball.”

Anyway, I think I might just go batty with this phase.  I’d almost rather deal with a tantrum than the pathetic “I can’t!” whine.  Ugh!

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I think she’s almost got it!
Posted on October 27th, 2008 @ 3:11 pm

All last weekat school, the Kiddo did not have any potty accidents.  She had one at home on Friday evening, but I think she was distracted playing with her playdoh.  Otherwise it seems she has caught on, and has even been doing #2 consistently (except for that accident Friday) on the potty!  Yay!!  Yesterday she even was dry through her 2.5 hour nap!  It’ll probably be a while before she’s dry throughout the night, but I am glad that she’s doing so good with daytime!  That means less money spent on pull ups, and fewer icky underwear to clean up.

And she is so proud of herself when she goes on the potty, particularly #2.  Woot!  :hay:

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Award time
Posted on October 20th, 2008 @ 3:14 pm

Wow, I got an award from two gals this weekend!  Neat!

Thank you to Julie at Moma’s Life and Jacqueline at Mom to Three Sisters for the award.

I’ll have to do the “pass the torch” part of the award later tonight or this week.  In the meantime I need to get some stuff done at work lest the bosses think I am a slacker! 😉

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I knew she was smart, but this amazed me
Posted on October 15th, 2008 @ 5:53 pm

On the way home after picking up the Kiddo from daycare/preschool, we chatted in the car with her like usual, asked her how her day was, if she had fun, etc.  Today was someone’s birthday, and there was goodie bags, so she was digging through and eating the candy – a twizzler, a roll of Smarties, a DumDum and a little bag of Skittles – the only thing that was left by the time we got home was a few Smarties and the bag of Skittles – but only because she couldn’t open it herself.

Out of the blue, my husband asks her, “What’s 2 + 2?”

The answer from the back seat – “Four!”

My husband and I gave each other this look that said – “Did she just answer that correctly??

So he asked her another question, “What’s 1 + 1?”

The answer from the back seat – “Two!”

Once is a fluke.  Twice – and a different question at that – is not likely to be coincidence .

So he mixed it up a bit and asked what is 1 + 2.  She said, “two.”  2 + 1?  “I don’t know.”

Okay, so she doesn’t just magically know all math.  He asked what 2  + 2 was again, and she answered “Four” again.  So she at least knows 2 + 2 and 1 + 1.  She even repeated them again when he called to brag to Grandma and she asked the Kiddo.

We are thinking they may be teaching these at school, I figured I would ask them tomorrow when I drop her off in the morning and see what they say.  If they are, that’s great that she is remembering so quickly.  If they aren’t, then I wonder where she is getting it, because we aren’t teaching her that, and she doesn’t watch much “learning” television…

Actually, come to think of it, her classroom DOES have a computer (which she LOVES), and I know they have some learning games on it, so maybe she is picking it up from there?

I think that is just wonderful that she’s picking this stuff up.  She already recognizes her name when it’s written and occasionally we will work on spelling it with her, and she also recognizes a few other simple words that we write on her magna-doodle.  But we’ll not pressure her to learn this stuff early, if she gets it, she gets it and that is quite fine by us. 🙂

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Ready for Halloween?
Posted on October 13th, 2008 @ 12:02 pm

Yesterday we went to a local farm that has a fesitval every fall (I’ll post a few pix later this week), and afterwards we went to my brother-in-law’s house to hang out and let the kids play.  BIL’s wife wanted to go get her daughter’s Halloween outfit and asked if I wanted to go along, since I was still looking for the Kiddo’s outfit pieces.

First we went to a party store, where she got her daughter’s Care Bear outfit.  We were able to find a cheap ladybug ensemble (wings & hairband with fuzzy antanea) for the Kiddo.  Then we went to W@l-M@rt to look for the clothes but had no luck there.  We then went to K0hl’s, where I found a pair of black pants & shirt that she could wear normally at school (double-duty, yeah!), which would work fine for her ladybug outfit.

Now she’s pretty much all set for Halloween, I just need to hide the ladybug wings to keep her from ruining them until Halloween.. after that she can wear them as often as she likes.

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I’m creating a monster
Posted on October 8th, 2008 @ 3:12 pm

Every time the Kiddo sees W@l-m@rt as we drive by it on the way home from, or even on the way TO school, she asks if we’re going shopping.  And is disappointed if the answer is no (like on the way to school).

Personally, I hate shopping.  But, I take her with me when I go to the store on Sundays, which she seems to enjoy, evidenced by the exclamation of “Shopping??!” that we hear every time we drive past that store.  LOL

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afternoon naptime
Posted on October 4th, 2008 @ 5:35 pm

The Kiddo had a pretty good nap this afternoon.  She went down at around 1:45p and got up at about 5pm.  Yep, a fairly long nap, but she seems refreshed.

At about 3:15 I started nodding off at my desk, so told my husband I was going to go lay down on the floor of the Kiddo’s room in case she woke up while he was gone on his errand, so I would be right there.

Well, she slept until 5 like I said, when we both just kind of sat up and decided it was enough of naptime.

Although I don’t feel refreshed, I feel like something the cat dragged in.  I feel like a walking zombie, and could probably have slept for much longer had it actually been comfortable on the floor.  Ugh.  This is what I get for having a small bout of insomnia last night and didn’t actually get tired until almost 4am and then getting up again at 9am.  On the bright side, at least the Kiddo slept in today rather than waking up at 7am.  I don’t know what I would’ve done if she’d woken up that early.


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Trying to salvage soiled shoes
Posted on October 3rd, 2008 @ 10:20 am

This will be a post that discusses poo (as discretely as I can, I hope), so if you are squeamish at the idea of it, avert your eyes and read something else.  If it doesn’t phase you, then read on.  🙂

Yesterday at daycare, the Kiddo had a #2 accident.  Sometimes she doesn’t tell anyone when she’s done this, so unless the teachers are instantly aware of what happened, minutes can pass before it is discovered.  That was the case yesterday, they did not notice right away nor did she say anything to them that she’d had an accident.

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Bedtime favorite
Posted on October 1st, 2008 @ 3:26 pm

One of my very favorite things that the Kiddo likes to do right now before she goes to bed at night, is to climb into my lap and be held “baby” style, while either I sing alone, or she sings with me – “Rock a-bye Baby”.  Currently, she likes to have me/us insert various names in place of “baby” – hers, mommy, daddy, her cousins, etc..

If I’m short on time, that is, if she’s going to bed later than planned, I’ll try to keep it limited to just one or two rounds.  But on nights when there is no hurry, we’ll sing as many versions as she can think up people’s names, and sometimes even starting over if she doesn’t grow bored with it.

I consider myself lucky she even wants to sit in my lap before bed anymore.  For the longest time, she’d want to sit with me until she got drowsy.  Then she went through a period where she wanted nothing to do with sitting with me, she’d just climb in bed, get her good-night kisses and tucked in, and go to sleep – much to my chagrine.  But now she’s into this rock a-bye baby thing, and frankly I am quite completely fine with that.  Before long she won’t want to do any of it anymore, so I will let her do this as long as she pleases., because I know it will tear me up when she doesn’t want it anymore.

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